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Common Mistakes Seen In Screenplay Proofreading:
How To Fix Them Yourself
And Avoid Paying $200 To Proofread Your Script

By Bill Donovan, Author and Screenplay Editor

Dear Screenwriter,

When I began my proofreading and story notes service, I saw that most aspiring screenwriters were making the same mistakes others had made.

I collected all of those mistakes and practical “how-to” fixes into a file.

One advantage of this for my clients – and now, to you – is that I look everything up. For each issue or correction, I search for answers on screenwriting and grammar websites, blogs and forums offering guidance for screenwriters. I read from screenwriting books, too.

So the notes in this file are not just my views. This “how-to” report cites expert sources for all the guidance I offer to help my clients write better, more marketable screenplays. And it’s now FREE to you.

By following the advice in this report, you may be able to skip the cost of a proofreader* and/or a script analyst.  And regardless, you will end up with a far better, more marketable screenplay.

* The report contains a self-proofreading secret far too good to give away in this email. As far as I can tell, this secret has never been published anywhere.

Bill Donovan
Author of this how-to-save-$200-on-proofreading manual